For the greater good of Greater Kansas City.

Our Beginnings

Founded on the front lines of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, Good Samaritan Project continues to be a powerful force and friend to KC communities.

With an army of volunteers across the metro, we offer an essential array of prevention and education services, and help ensure that those with HIV/AIDS have access to long-term, compassionate care and management options.


A regional healthcare leader and influencer, Good Samaritan Project provides inclusive, holistic, and integrated health and wellness services to individuals affected by HIV & other STIs, LGBTQ communities, and those seeking a welcoming and affirming health & community center.


Every person in the Kansas City Metropolitan area has unfettered access to quality, timely, affordable, and culturally responsive healthcare — whatever their health status, background, orientation, age or identity.


GSP places clients at the center of their care.
GSP programs and services are cost-effective and evidence-informed.
GSP maintains a leadership platform built on quality, innovation, equity, and value.
GSP collaborates with allied organizations and institutions to increase impact, access, and outcomes.
GSP’s performance, financials, policies, and plans — informed by stakeholder and employee engagement — are broadly disseminated and accessible to the public.

Financials & Annual Report

GSP is grateful for the support we receive from our loyal individual donors, the United Way of Greater Kansas City, corporations, foundations, local and state health departments, and everyone who participates in AIDS Walk. Please see our latest financial audit or GuideStar for a more complete review of our financial position.

Please visit our Get Involved page to lend your support and help GSP reduce new HIV infections and meet the needs of those living with HIV.  We can’t win the fight without you!

Our Leadership

Our senior management team is a group of entrepreneurial, passionate, mission-driven experts who share a vision of unfettered access to quality health and wellness services.

Caroline Huffman
Chief Executive Officer
Gay Poteet
Director of Business Operations
Bri McClernon
Director of Programs

Board of Directors Roster, 2017

Crystal Denison


William Maher


Elizabeth (Beth) O’Neill*

Secretary, Chair - Programs & Operations Committee

Charles Everson*

Vice - President, ASF Representative, Chair - Audit Committee

Stephanie A. Martin*

Treasurer, Chair - Finance Committee

Daniel Volin*

Chair - Communications Committee

G. Gabriel Zorogastua*

President, Chair - Policy and Planning Committee

Reid Samuel


Daniel Graves


Ryan Cox

Member-at-Large, ASF Representative

Jonathan Gregory, PharmD


Caroline Huffman

Chief Executive Officer†

*Executive Committee
†Ex officio


Azell Amsinger

Medical Case Manager

Chrissy Arasmith, MS

Lead Medical Case Manager

Erin Atlakson, BS MS

Transitional Case Manager

Julie Bartley, BS

Resource and Referral Case Manager

Eyra Betancourt, BSW

Bilingual Medical Case Manager

Kia Cannon, MSW

Medical Case Manager

Christopher Hotchkiss

Development Coordinator

Amy Mauk, BS

Lead Medical Case Manager

Gerald Mupingo, MSW

Medical Case Manager

Jennifer Stith, LMSW

Medical Case Manager

Trillian Svoboda, BSW

Testing Program Coordinator

Hugo Ximello-Salido

Bilingual Community Prevention Specialist

Employment Opportunities